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Our History • Overview
Starr Detroit Academy is an open enrollment charter school founded on the belief that all Detroit children have the right to a rigorous college preparatory curriculum, the opportunity to recognize and develop their own strengths and committed teachers 100% dedicated to their success. Starr Detroit Academy is based on the same core values and strength-based beliefs as Starr Commonwealth, a leading childcare agency in Michigan.

In 1913, a young man named Floyd Starr purchased a ramshackle barn and forty scrub-covered acres in Albion, Michigan and began what would eventually become an internationally respected leader in transformational programs for children, families, schools and communities. Floyd Starr founded Starr Commonwealth as a refuge for "homeless, dependent, neglected and delinquent boys," and nearly 100 years later the organization continues to change personal outcomes, one individual at a time.

No childcare organization anywhere has more depth or experience in strength-based treatment of troubled youth or offers a better framework for putting its positive practices into place worldwide. The practices and principles of Starr Commonwealth are supported by nearly a century of success in the treatment of troubled youth and confirmed by emerging research in behavioral health and neuroscience.

Our treatment services and professional training programs represent the international standard of excellence in indentifying, treating and healing trauma and pain-based behavior and building resiliency in children and adolescents.

Starr still believes, as did its founder, that when you treat a child with dignity and respect, it changes a child’s heart. And that, in the end, is what changes a child’s life.